„Werewolf” in Cannes!


We would like to announce that a film directed by Adrian Panek entitled “Werewolf”, co-produced by Rosco Polska, will be shown on May 13, during the 65th Film Festival in Cannes, as part of the New Horizons’ Polish Days Goes to Cannes programme. It is an amazing distinction for both Polish cinematography and for Rosco Polska itself, whose President, Alois Rostek, will be present in Cannes.

The New Horizons’ Polish Days Goes to Cannes programme, in addition to “Werewolf”, will feature 5 other titles:

  • “Fisheye” – a feature début of Michał Szcześniak
  • “Hurray, we’re still alive!” – Agnieszka Polska’s feature début
  • “The Language of the Birds” directed by Xawery Żuławski (in cooperation with: Jan Komasa, Jacek Borcuch, Piotr Kielar)
  • “Pardon”, directed by Jan Jakub Kolski
  • “Żabińscy. Of Animals and Men” – a documentary, Łukasz Czajka’s début

New Horizons’ Polish Days Goes to Cannes screenings will take place on May 13, at 10.00–n12.00 at Palais K – level 4 at the Festival Palace, during the 71st International Film Festival in Cannes.